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Charles Town’s Living Room


Hand-crafted, old-world Espressos, with sustainably-sourced new world beans.


Artisan loaves from traditional recipes. Hot and crusty, hand-made by monks.


Breakfast and lunch. Carefully chosen ingredients, mastered to perfection.

Every town should have their own coffee shop. We’re yours. 

Coffee culture is a daily ritual. The enjoyment of little moments.  Talking with a friend. Chatting with a neighbor. Sitting in sunlight and inhaling rich, enticing aromas.

Early in the mornings in Italy, most communities come together in their coffee shop. For 5 minutes, they savor rich, fresh-ground coffee, and talk. It’s only after sharing this friendly ritual that they they head off to work.

Each neighborhood used to have it’s own coffee shop. A small, relaxing getaway for new friends and old to connect. In Charles Town, the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem created a unique experience in line with this tradition.

Come and meet a group of monks mad enough to love sustainable beans, artisanal cappucinos, fresh-baked bread, and excellent menus.

We’re not just any coffee shop. We’re your coffee shop.

Wed – Sun: 7am – 3pm

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Wonderful, properly made coffee! Excellent food too! We love this place! So happy to have this in the neighborhood.

Jessie V.

Mad Monks Cafe is a little coffee shop run by monks whose monastery is just a few blocks up the street. The bread is homemade by one of the monks and all of the coffee is either locally sourced or a specialty brand of coffee. 

Natasha W.

Awesomely roasted coffee. Very knowledgeable staff. A MUST stop for coffee!!!

Geoffrey T.

Best soup and sandwhich ever!!! Sausage kale soup … lots of flavor but not too salty, and real ingredients. Bacon potato soup is pretty heavenly. Home made breads. Mad Monks made my day!
Chris C.

Great spot in downtown Charles Town and much needed! We’ve visited twice and love the local coffee they serve and the latte was perfect.

Tracy S.

This is the Cheers of Charles Town. Nick and Jeff do a great job talking up the coffees they serve and making you feel welcome while they do it… The food and the breads are always fresh and tasty. A must visit in Charles Town!

Gary C.

Great breakfast · Best coffee · Relaxing atmosphere · Convenient location.

Hugo A.

This place is just special. The food is really good, and the coffee is wonderful. The staff is warm and friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed. You could always stop by on your way for a quick cup, but I suggest planning to spend some time.

Lori D.


The Mad Monks Cappuccino is the star.

It’s done in the classic Italian way, crafted perfectly as a piece of art.

Come try yours. 

The Mad Monk Coffee Ritual

Did you know there are four stages for enjoying a happy event? It’s true. And it’s the same for getting every ounce of joy out of your next cup of coffee.

Step 1: See.

Revel in the anticipation. Look forward to your hand-crafted piece of drinkable art. (Set aside your smartphone for the full effect.)

Step 2: Savor.

Enjoy it in the moment. Inhale the aroma of your selection. Taste the foam, the light edge of your froth giving way to a steaming mouthful of perfect, storyful coffee. 

Step 3: Share

A joy shared is multiplied. Share your experience with your friend. Ask them about theirs. Heighten your experience with the simple act of connection.

Step 4: Sentiment.

Think back on happy times. Bring up lovely memories. We encourage taking pictures, pulling out your journal, and recording the memory.

What's your #madmonkmoment?

We would love to know how you enjoyed your time, and any special thoughts during your aromatic reverie!

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