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In 2016, the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem had just moved to Charles Town. No one knew who they were. And they barely knew anyone.

As Catholic monks following the rule of St. Augustine, Canons Regular have a long history of fostering community life. The first precept of their rule is to live together in harmony, pursuing God with united hearts and united minds.

As it happens, Charles Town’s local coffee shop had shuttered, leaving a hole where the town’s heart should be. The Canons realized that opening a coffee shop was a unique way to live out their mission, meet people, and restore the aromatic warmth of coffee to West Washington St.

In the summer of 2016, Mad Monks Coffee Shop was born.

The Mad Monks’ 3 Core Values


We believe in the sacredness of things and time. ‘Things’ matter. Matter is the normal means of coming to know self, others, and God, that by which we learn to appreciate goodness, truth, and beauty. Time is a gift on loan, the present moment our only coin. Howe we spend that coin is important.

  •  Hours are limited to respect the time of our employees and honor the cycle of prayer by which our monks sanctify their day.


We believe in the dignity of people, and being present to them. This openness to another person means a generous, forgiving, and uplifting culture. We should always give first place to people in all things.

  •  No wifi encourages conversation and being present to the people around us.


We love to connect to a place. So we devote our lives and efforts to our community. Here in Charles Town, we contribute to how we come together, and ground each other in friendship and presence.

Photos Courtesy of Nick Day –  nicholasdayphotography.com

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